Are you Coachable?

leadership assessment bookMany people want to be successful in their careers, but they don’t know how to do it. They aren’t even sure which skills they are missing. Leadership skills seem to be a mystery to them.

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How can I be successful? How can I get a raise? How can I grow my business? How can I streamline my work? How can I sell myself better?

The short answer is that the most successful people in their fields are those who are most competent. But becoming competent in your area means you have to be willing to learn new skills. This means the most flexible leaders, those who are willing to learn, are those that can be the most successful.

With 12 years of experience in coaching the top leaders in the corporate world, Jill Chiappe has discovered the secrets to becoming coachable and learning new business skills.

If you are an executive or future executive who wants to reflect upon, refine, and possibly reconstruct your leadership practices to become an exceptional leader, read this book.

In “Be Coachable”, you will learn:

1. How to know if someone is coachable

2. The first steps to take to prepare someone (or yourself) for improvement

3. How to find competency areas that need improvement

4. Tips for improving the most commonly troublesome areas in leadership and business

If you want to be successful, be coachable!

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Praise for “Be Coachable” by Jill Chiappe:

“Jill, you are amazing! Your book is so great! My team just met a very important milestone and it was less then optimal getting there. I knew I needed to do something and had some vague ideas, but I was inspired to start reading your book. I read Section I and immediately knew exactly what I needed to do: I needed to make sure everyone on my team was coachable! I used your questions and put together a note sheet for myself. It went WONDERFULLY! It really helped me correct the communication and relationship between me and each person, and helped me not only know they are all coachable but get them ready to be coached, and give me the knowledge about what their top issues are. I couldn’t wait to tell you how well it went. I know the book will help a great deal as I come up with a game plan for each individual, and then one for my team as a whole. Thank you so much!

-Technology Executive, San Francisco

“I just read the whole book, on one plane flight, just like you described. I now know exactly how to evaluate my team members and even myself. I found a few areas I need to brush up on and I’m glad because the new year is coming and I want to be even better as a leader. Thanks for the insight.”

- CEO, Santa Barbara


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